Tips & Tricks for advertisements

Let us give you some free advice to increase the visibility of your ads:
  1. Create visibility by completing your company profile. Your profile is visible for all our registered members so make sure you have completed all your company information like contact details, website and logo. Keep it up-to-date so you can be contacted at any time!
  2. Frequently update your advertisements. The more advertisements you offer, the more visibility you will have. If you regularly upload ads, they will appear on the homepage at ‘New products’ and you will get more views.
  3. Create good quality advertisements. Your success on depends on the quality of your advertisements!
    • Use a good description (product details, colors, different models, expiration date etc.)
    • Use a high definition quality picture with a white background
    • Set a competitive price suited to stocklots!
  4. Respond as soon as possible to enquiries from buyers!